Core Principles

L’dor Va’dor

icon-ldor-vador2As our parents have planted for us, so we plant for those who come after us. This teaching has been, and continues to be, an important part of our heritage and tradition. Accordingly, we make a promise that a strong and vibrant Jewish community will be here for our children, for their children, and their children’s children as it was for us.

  • The Foundation ensures the sustainability of the educational, religious, and charitable needs for our Jewish community and other charitable institutions.
  • Enables your legacy to last forever. Your contributions will be there to help in the future as a permanent resource for our community.
  • You can create a legacy in your own name, that of your family or in memory of a loved one.

Tikkun Olam

icon-tikkun-olamThe Jewish Community shares the responsibility of “tikkun olam”, to “repair the world” through service, contributions and education. The Foundation supports community organizations, programs and synagogues that ensure the continuity and vitality of Jewish life in Greater Mercer County and beyond.

  • The Foundation supports the community organizations, programs, and synagogues that ensure the continuity and vitality of Jewish life in Greater Mercer County and beyond.
  • The Foundation supports other 501(c)(3) organizations locally and globally (health, cultural, educational, environmental, etc.) in the interest of our donors.

Keren La’Am

icon-endowmentEstablishing an Endowment in the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Mercer allows the donor to provide a sustainable legacy in the Jewish community locally and globally. The goal of the Foundation is to maximize the charitable dollars of our donors by managing and investing the funds responsibly and effectively. Endowing the Foundation is a safe and secure way to grow the philanthropic portfolios of our donors with tax benefits, income, and growth.

  • Professional Management: Independent investment committee comprised of financial professionals with various expertises oversees the Foundation’s investment strategy.
  • Diversified Portfolio: A combination of investment strategies designed to reduce market fluctuation.
  • Transparency: The Foundation is 100% transparent in operational expenses, investment returns, and accounting. Donors’ statements are provided quarterly. A certified public accounting firm audits the Foundation annually.
  • Donor-Centric: Our donors decide or recommend the organizations or causes that will be supported by their invested funds.
  • Local Partnership: The Foundation manages the funds of local agencies to maximize the growth of our community’s philanthropic investments.

Mash’ah’bay Eh’nosh

icon-resourceDonors and local agencies are provided with information and opportunities to grow their charitable dollars effectively.

  • The Foundation: assists the donors in identifying programs and organizations that match their interests.
  • The Foundation: educates the donor to the needs of the Greater Mercer Jewish Community.
  • The Foundation: serves the local Jewish agencies and synagogues by providing investment resources.
  • The Foundation: is the “go to” place for individuals to learn where to give effectively.