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Life & Legacy

Frequently Asked Questions

Just as you’ve provided for your children, families and those who mean the most to you in your estate plans, LIFE & LEGACY encourages you to consider leaving a gift to the Jewish community in your will and estate plans. Consider the institutions and causes you support now. What motivates you to give your money and time?

Picture your Jewish community decades from now. What would you hope to see in the future? Through your legacy, you can ensure that the organizations you care about are able to thrive in perpetuity and the issues you are most concerned with will continue to be addressed.

You can arrange for a gift in several ways, the most common being through a charitable gift in a will or a living trust. Many people set aside a certain dollar amount as their legacy. Others leave a percentage of their estate, or any assets left over after they have provided for their family. Learn more about the many ways to leave a legacy by clicking here.

No. Everyone can leave a legacy. Gifts of any amount are most appreciated and will have a lasting impact in shaping our Jewish community. You can even leave gifts of personal property such as art, jewelry, collectibles, etc.

Yes. A charitable bequest will not take effect unless you explicitly state your intention in your will or living trust. A will is the only way you can assure your charitable intentions and disposition of your estate is respected. The Foundation professionals are always ready to assist you and your professional advisor(s) in putting the necessary paperwork and instructions in place.

All qualified, charitable institutions are appropriate beneficiaries. Organizations you have supported in your life are natural choices.

You also may wish to focus on general areas of interests, such as:

  • Caring for the elderly
  • Educating our community’s children
  • Scholarships to engage Jewish youth
  • Fighting anti-Semitism
  • Advancing Jewish life and continuity
  • Jewish summer and day camp experiences
  • College campus programs
  • Support for Israel and overseas communities and programs

Help keep the Jewish community strong by including your synagogue, Jewish day school, the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Mercer or any of our other legacy partners in your will or estate plan. The Foundation and our legacy partners will work with you to tailor legacy gifts that match your philanthropic goals and values.

That is up to you. We as a community would like to recognize you for your generosity and include your commitment as part of the collective success of our LIFE & LEGACY program. You would also serve as an inspiration and role model to others. Regardless of what you decide, your wishes will always be honored.

There are many ways to include your family in this discussion.

We have many suggestions:

  • Initiate a family discussion about your charitable giving and values
  • Invite your family to a meeting with your professional advisor or a Foundation professional
  • Together, visit the institutions and programs you are committed to supporting
  • Listen to and acknowledge your family’s concerns

The Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Mercer is here to work with you and your professional advisors in structuring and documenting a legacy plan that is meaningful to you. Simply contact the Foundation or one of our LIFE & LEGACY partners for a confidential, no-obligation meeting. We look forward to working with you to make your philanthropic dreams a reality.