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Donor Advised Funds

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is a philanthropic account where you set aside money for charitable contributions. A DAF represents a flexible alternative to creating your own private foundation and to handling your own direct giving. Once established, you (or anyone you designate) can recommend grants to any Jewish or secular charitable organization of your choice.


Use our online access to easily recommend grants. There’s no check writing or mailing, and you have the option to “schedule” future grants.

Tax Savings
Each time you deposit assets into your fund, you may receive an immediate charitable tax deduction. For gifts of long-term appreciated stock, you may avoid paying capital gains tax.

The assets in your fund continue to grow, to be used for future grants and for the opportunity to partake in multi-generational philanthropy.

Our Foundation processes your grants, maintains records and provides statements for tax reporting. Records are always available online.

"We do much of our charitable giving through a Donor Advised Fund at the Jewish Community Foundation. By doing so, we accomplish two things at once. One, it's easy! Once the fund was set up, we were able to direct grants of any value to any nonprofit at any time. the staff handles all the administration, and we simply focus on the causes that resonate with us, like the American Jewish Committee and the Simon Wiesenthal center. And second, by having a fund at the Foundation, we help to preserve our Jewish community, right here in Mercer County."
miki and randy krakauer
Miki & Randy Krakauer

To learn more about Donor Advised Funds, please contact
or call (609) 240-9511.