Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Mercer

Nonprofit Custodial Fund

A Nonprofit Custodial Fund provides an opportunity for local Jewish institutions to partner with our Foundation. Once established, the Foundation manages the assets of your organization and in turn, through your investment, your organization supports our local Jewish community.

How Does It Work?
With a minimum contribution of $6,000, a Custodial Fund can serve different purposes for your organization. Many of our LIFE & LEGACY Partners have opened funds with the intention of growing assets (most especially realized planned gifts) in an effort to build an endowment fund that could generate a future line of income for their institution. (This is the primary goal of LIFE & LEGACY.) Other organizations use Custodial Funds as an investment vehicle for assets earmarked for projects such as capital improvements, reserves or capacity building.

"Greenwood House and the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Mercer (JCFGM) are both agencies with a long history of serving the needs of Jewish residents in Mercer County and surrounding communities. The leadership of Greenwood House has appreciated the positive collaboration we have enjoyed with JCFGM, primarily as a LIFE & LEGACY Partner and as a recipient of grants from a variety of JCFGM funds. The Greenwood House Foundation recently took the additional step to diversify how assets are managed, with the intention of building an endowment fund. As we sat with JCFGM Trustees to learn how a Nonprofit (Custodial) Fund is administered, it became clear that the nine volunteers on the Investment Committee with their combined 250 years of professional money management experience, were experts we could count on. And thus marked the opening of the Greenwood House Foundation LIFE & LEGACY Fund at JCFGM. "
Jeff Perlman, President, Greenwood House Foundation

To learn more about Custodial Funds, please contact
or call (609) 240-9511.