About Us

The Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Mercer serves as a local resource, helping individuals and families to direct their charitable giving and guiding Jewish institutions on the importance of legacy giving and the growth of endowments.

Our Mission

We aim to provide a sustainable legacy for our Jewish community, locally and globally, through endowments and resources that maximize the charitable objectives of our donors.


As our parents have planted for us, so we plant for those who come after us, by passing on values, strengthening future generations and leaving a legacy.

Through service, contributions and education, we are committed to repairing the world and sustaining vital Jewish institutions in our own community.

Establishing an endowment provides individuals, families and organizations with the opportunity provide a sustainable future for charities locally and nationally.

Grow your charitable dollars, identify meaningful causes, secure the future for local Jewish organizations – these are a sampling of the resources that we provide.

Foundation History

Our history dates back to 1845, and we’ve filled Jewish needs along the way.

Why Choose Us?

The Jewish Community Foundation has helped hundreds of donors to create a Jewish legacy through charitable giving. Here’s why they are partnering with us.

Experience & Expertise

Established in 1963, we are the oldest community foundation in Princeton. With years of nonprofit management and philanthropic advisor experience, we guide you in how to give purposefully and meaningfully.


Efficient process and no administrative hassle...


We use the latest technology to provide you with innovative tools that simplify the donation process.

Ways We Support You

Grant-making services, consulting and technical assistance, financial management and administration, educational programs.