Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Mercer


"Fran Turim Zeitler believes in each of us discovering and living our own story. Fran’s story is one of being incredibly dedicated to the building..."
"The Donor Advised Fund also provides Michael and Lori with an opportunity to talk with their three kids about the importance of philanthropy..."
"My wife, Carine and I came to the US from South Africa in 1987, and have been living in Lawrenceville and been members of Adath Israel Congregation (of Lawrenceville) since 1991..."
"Marsha and Eliot strongly value both the local Jewish community and the state of Israel. They believe in Jewish continuity and in supporting Jewish institutions in Mercer County..."
"I learned Federation at the Dining Room table. I returned to this community from Law School in 1962. In 1963 my father was the Federation Campaign Chairman..."
"During the 4th Annual LIFE & LEGACY Celebration, it was announced that 25 percent of our Or Chadash congregation have made legacy commitments..."
"The Jewish population in the area was very, very small but my father and his brothers, among others, were deeply involved in the doings..."
"Through Beth Chaim, Joyce became friends with others who recruited her to serve on the Board of Jewish Family & Children’s Service (JFCS)..."
"We have been fortunate to live successfully as Americans and as Jews. This is something we don’t take for granted, and now we owe something..."
"We are grateful for our family, our community and the values that have shaped our lives, all of which are rooted in Judaism..."
"It is their intention to provide help and support for those who are struggling to meet life’s challenges, including the homeless, those coping with addiction and other mental health problems..."
"I take from the notion that my life will continue to make a difference to others even after my death. I also find this a fairly comfortable..."
"I was blessed to be part of two communities and have made a legacy commitment to each. Temple Beth-El, ever close to my heart, nurtured my Jewish soul..."
"Despite the fact that my birth certificate gives May 30, 1943 as my date of birth, the day my life began was June 23, 1968..."
"Our family’s philanthropy is deeply rooted in our Jewish values: caring about the needs of those in our community, helping others as we have been helped..."
"Fourteen years ago, my parents, Bernard and Ruth Schnur, established a donor-advised fund to be managed by their four adult children, acting jointly..."
"Each year our family gathers together to celebrate Hanukkah. We have three adult children and they in turn each have two children..."
"I am passionate not only about our generation but the generations that will come after. A vibrant Jewish culture is of the utmost importance to me..."

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