Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Mercer

Marty Schwartz

Front row: Sam Schwartz, Eleanor Wiley-Schwartz, Marty Schwartz, Judy Schwartz, Isaac Wiley-Schwartz, Roger Schwartz, Kay Schwartz Back Row: Andy Wiley-Schwartz, Kim Wiley-Schwartz, Barbara Schwartz, Joe Schwartz, Ben Harrison, Will Harrison, Gloria Schwartz, Jane Schwartz Harrison

Each year our family gathers together to celebrate Hanukkah. We have three adult children and they in turn each have two children.

Every year one family takes their turn to recommend up to four charities they would like to support, with funds from our Foundation Donor Advised Fund.

The family that makes the selection, grandchildren included, is expected to justify to the rest of us the reasons they have selected a particular cause or charity.

We feel this is a great way to connect with our children and grandchildren and to the community. Through this process, everyone learns something and it is a wonderful way for us to pass on our values.

The Schwartz Family
Princeton, NJ