Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Mercer

Nedda Pollack

I was born in Brooklyn, raised in New Rochelle and spent a good part of my adult life in, Tennessee, where Larry and I raised our two children. I have been involved in not for profit organizations all of my adult life and have seen firsthand the difference even small bequests can make in the ability of such enterprises to accomplish their missions.

As the government becomes an increasingly unpredictable funder of programs that make all the difference to individuals and families that need assistance, whether that is medical care, education or basic life necessities, it is ever more important for those of us who can to leave part of our estates to the agencies and organizations we expect to survive us.

I do this both for the individuals and communities who benefit from the work of these organizations and for the satisfaction I take from the notion that my life will continue to make a difference to others even after my death. I also find this a fairly comfortable way to give since it does not impact our ability to meet our own needs as we age. I heartily recommend this form of giving to others.

Nedda Pollack
Lawrenceville, NJ