Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Mercer

Miki & Randy Krakauer

To our loving grandchildren,

As your grandparents, we want to discuss our philanthropy with you and why it’s an important part of our lives. We have been fortunate to live successfully as Americans and as Jews. This is something we don’t take for granted, and now we owe something. By giving back locally, we are helping the greater good and having a broader reach too. Our motto is Act Local, Think Global.

We do much of our charitable giving through a Donor Advised Fund at the Jewish Community Foundation. By doing so, we accomplish two things at once. One, it’s easy! Once the fund was set up, we were able to direct grants of any value to any nonprofit at any time. The staff handles all the administration, and we simply focus on the causes that resonate with us, like the American Jewish Committee and the Simon Wiesenthal Center. And second, by having a fund at the Foundation, we help to preserve our Jewish community, right here in Mercer County.

We have also chosen to make a Promise, a legacy gift, to our congregation Beth El Synagogue. It’s a comfortable haimish place that shares our values and our connection with Israel. This gift is intended to grow Beth El’s endowment and to help provide financial security in the years to come.

Our Jewish identity is important to us, and by championing Jewish causes, we also support the Jewish people’s many contributions to the advancement of humanity throughout the world. Act Local, Think Global!

All our love,
Grandma and Grandpa